The “Bitcoin Benchmark Price Index” has been introduced into the Bitcoin fund products of Hong Kong licensed company Arrano Capital

MV Index Solutions (MVIS), a subsidiary of investment management company VanEck, and CryptoCompare, a digital asset index provider, introduced the “Bitcoin Benchmark Price Index” (codename: MVIBTC) launched by their cooperation into the Bitcoin fund of Arrano Capital. This fund tracking The price of Bitcoin can be subscribed and redeemed daily, providing investors with more convenient access, while providing security and liquidity. The fund is only for institutional and professional investors and aims to close the gap between regulated finance and the digital asset industry. Chain News Note, Arrano Capital is a blockchain division of Hong Kong-based venture capital firm Venture Smart Asia. It launched the first approved cryptocurrency fund in Hong Kong in April this year and sought to raise funds in the first year. About 100 million US dollars of funds.