Crowdfunding platform Republic dividend token Note will be publicly sold on July 17

Crowdfunding platform Repulibc official website announced that its dividend token Republic Note will be available for sale tomorrow morning, July 17th. Repulibc stated that Republic Note, as a profit-sharing token, will occasionally carry out stable currency dividends. The dividends come from the commissions earned by Repubic from its crowdfunding and private equity platforms and the withdrawal of invested projects. Republic Note has submitted an application to the US Securities Regulatory Commission , Will have the opportunity to distribute to the global public. Republic plans to raise US$8 million, of which US$4 million is for qualified investors to subscribe, while small and medium investors can pre-lock the remaining US$4 million. Republic also stated that Republic Note hopes to provide liquidity for the primary market, activate the project community through the platform currency, and give the general public the opportunity to access high-quality projects in North America.