Decentralized loan agreement Aave lists ENJ and REN assets and adds SNX as collateral assets

The decentralized lending agreement Aave announced the addition of two assets, Enjin (ENJ) and Republic Protocol (REN), to the trading market, of which ENJ has a mortgage value ratio of 55%, a liquidation threshold of 65%, and a liquidation reward of 10%; REN’s The mortgage value ratio is 50%, the liquidation threshold is 65%, and the liquidation reward is 10%. According to the list of risk parameters published by Aave, the market risk scores of ENJ and REN are both C+. At the same time, Aave announced that it will increase LEND’s mortgage-to-value ratio to 50%, reduce liquidation bonus to 10%, and add SNX as a mortgage asset with a mortgage-to-value ratio of 15%. In addition, Aave announced that its token Lend has been listed on the Loopring decentralized exchange, which can be used in the ETH-LEND and USDT-LEND trading pairs. According to previous news from Lianwen, Aave announced on July 15 that it will raise US$3 million through the sale of tokens, with Framework Ventures and Three Arrows Capital participating in the investment.