ETC’s two major clients, OpenEthereum and MultiGeth, announced that they will stop supporting ETC

Parity core developer Wei Tang tweeted that OpenEthereum and MultiGeth, two major ETC clients, announced that they would stop supporting ETC. It also stated that since these two clients still share 70% of the total number of ETC network nodes, this is a public service announcement that requires ETC users to take appropriate action. According to an article published by Wei Tang in the comment area, the reasons for the two major clients to stop supporting ETC are the same as the reasons for Wei Tang to stop supporting ETC. Prior to June 10th, Wei Tang announced that it would stop supporting ETC, because after the Phoenix hard fork, the ETC network broke the logic of ETC consistency, and has abandoned its principle of immutability, that is, following the maximum consensus and user choice, now It is the same as Ethereum in almost all respects, including philosophy and principles. In addition, there are also problems in actual support. The history of Ethereum has unique characteristics. It is implemented by multiple clients and requires a collaboration culture among developers. However, ETC lacks a collaboration culture, making bugs and problems more difficult to deal with.