Cosmos’s new adversarial testnet challenge Game of Zones blocks all Tendermint Inc employees

Tendermint In designer Peng Zhong posted a long tweet saying that the official Game of Zones account blocked all Tendermint Inc employees’ tweets, including the account “Today in Cosmos” operated by Adriana Kalpa, and his number was also the director and director of Tendermint Labs Zaki Manian, the company’s co-founder behind Game of Zones, blocked it. He said that Tendermint Inc has been helping to advance the Game of Zones work across teams, and posted the news through the official account, because the success of this event is in the interest of Cosmos’s entire ecosystem. But the validator node iqlusion created by Zaki Manian wants to be solely responsible for Game of Zones. Peng Zhong warns those stingy and eager for power that aggressive behavior is not Cosmos’ collaborative spirit. The new round of the adversarial testnet challenge Game of Zones has just been announced. This adversarial testnet challenge is to prepare for the upcoming IBC module to stress test the protocol level of the Cosmos network and the IBC module. The event will provide developers with a 100,000 ATOM reward pool.