Binance mining pool nodes have been integrated into the data center of crypto mining service provider BitRiver

Binance Mining Pool announced a partnership with BitRiver, a crypto mining hosting service provider. BitRiver has added a Binance Mining Pool node to its mining data center in Bratsk, Russia. The cooperation between the two parties aims to create a complete infrastructure for the crypto community and the mining industry. The Binance mining pool node will enable BitRiver customers’ mining equipment to establish a better connection with the Binance mining pool. BitRiver CEO Igor Runets said that the cooperation between the two parties will not only reduce network delays and potential downtime, but also reduce the data “block rejection rate”, which can directly bring business benefits to users of Binance Mining Pool in the data center. Chain heard that Binance launched a comprehensive mining platform Binance Mining Pool in April this year, providing financial tools and other services for miners and the mining industry. Binance mining pools have been integrated into the entire Binance ecosystem, allowing users to access their derivative product suites, including Binance futures, spot and margin trading, savings, staking and over-the-counter trading services.