Xangle, a cryptocurrency information disclosure platform, received a US$3.3 million investment from a subsidiary of Hanwha Group

The Korean cryptocurrency information disclosure platform Xangle’s company CrossAngle announced the completion of the A2 round of financing. The investor is Hanwha Securities, a licensed brokerage subsidiary of the Korean Hanwha Group, with an investment of 4 billion won (about 3.3 million US dollars). CrossAngle said that the funds will enable the company to establish an infrastructure for the data service of encrypted assets, and Hanwha Group is one of the largest group companies in South Korea with Samsung, Hyundai and LG. According to CrossAngle, Xangle’s global partner network includes more than 60 exchanges, and its geographical distribution includes South Korea, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Russia, Europe and the United States. Users can obtain disclosure data of more than 800 encrypted assets, of which more than 400 assets It is registered and directly maintained by the blockchain project.