The IoT blockchain platform IoTeX will start the warm-up phase of the “Destroy Airdrop” token mechanism on August 1st

The Internet of Things blockchain platform IoTeX announced that it will start the warm-up phase of the “BurnDrop” (Burndrop) token mechanism on August 1st. This phase is called “IGNITE Ignite” and is used for testing. The online “burning vote” program helps the community to familiarize with the process and prepare for a period of about 4 weeks. All pledged votes are greater than or equal to 91 days in the voting bucket, you can get additional annual income and node pledge rewards, the entire August The IOTX pledge reward will be 18%. An additional 10% bonus for this event will be distributed daily. After the IGNITE warm-up phase is over, the “BURN-DROP” project will officially start. According to previous reports from Lianwen, the “Burning Investment” plan is expected to destroy 1 billion IOTX tokens for airdrops, totaling 10% of the total tokens, which will be used to promote the first batch of 1 million smart devices to go on-chain.