Honorary Chief Scientist of Binance Research Institute: DCEP will eventually replace cash and payment APP

Lianwen reported on the scene that at the inaugural meeting of the “Macao Industrial Blockchain Association”, Roger, the honorary chief scientist of Binance China Blockchain Research Institute, author of “Blockchain Core Algorithm Analysis”, and member of the Advisory Committee of the Macau Blockchain Industry Association Roger Wattenhofer said, “The central bank digital currency (DCEP) is better than cash, better than payment applications, and better than bitcoin. DCEP will eventually replace cash and payment apps.” In addition, it pointed out that the technology behind DCEP can be divided into front-end and back-end . Among them, the front-end (user interface) of the APP of DCEP will be similar to the user interface of APPs such as Alipay. Each user will have their own account, but the account type of DCEP will be different, which will be divided into “Layer” account, “Basic Layer” and “Bank” account that only individuals can trust. Among bank accounts, private keys will be kept by individuals and banks. The back end is blockchain technology.