Bitmain publishes an internal letter to disclose details of the Jenke Group’s disruption of the company’s management order

Bitmain released “The Book to All Colleagues Again”, which revealed many specific details of the dispute between Wu Jihan and Zhan Ke. The document stated that Bitmain did not want to deny the previous contribution of the Jenck Group to the company, and to waive the position of the Jenk Group was not in personal grievance, but the choice that Bitmain Group had to make in order to continue to survive and develop. In addition, the document also stated that the Jenke group does not reflect on why it has lost the approval of the management team and other shareholders. Instead, it tried its best to interfere and disrupt the company’s management and management order. Leakage, obstruction of company tax returns, harassment of company service providers, loss of control of WeChat public account, harassment and threats to company employees. Therefore, Bitcoin Continental can only further cut it, and spare no effort to protect its own interests and employees’ interests.