Privacy protocol layer project Keep Network is fully open source

The privacy protocol layer project Keep Network announced on the official blog that it is completely open source, and stated that Keep’s open source makes the tBTC protocol the first open source and unlicensed BTC cross-chain protocol. Keep Network indicates that all code has been completely open sourced, including random beacons and ECDSA signature related code, and tBTC is still in the Ropsten testnet stage. Venture capital studio Thesis launched Keep Network in 2016, and Keep Network has since co-founded the Cross-Chain Working Group with cross-chain financial service provider Summa. Protocol tBTC, and tBTC will be the first major application launched on the Keep network. tBTC is an ERC-20 token that is fully mortgaged by Bitcoin and can be exchanged at any time. Assuming that a Bitcoin holder wants to use their Bitcoin on Ethereum, they can deposit their Bitcoin into a threshold signature contract. The contract is created and controlled by a randomly selected set of “signers” and sends a proof to the Ethereum chain. Lianwen has previously reported that tBTC has frozen the code and received a code audit in February this year, and the team originally planned to release the v1 mainnet in March this year.