The progress of the Twitter hacking event: some victims may recover their bitcoins, and a group of young people may participate in the attack

“A number of politicians and celebrities whose Twitter accounts were stolen and posted tweets requesting bitcoin payment” has attracted continued market attention. Some recent developments regarding this incident are organized as follows: 1. Some victims can recover their bitcoins . According to Cointelegraph, 14 victims may recover their bitcoins. These victims sent some bitcoins to the hacker address, but because the sender specified a very low transaction fee, which was not attractive to miners, these transactions remained unconfirmed and stuck in the memory pool after a long time. Victims whose transactions are stuck in the memory pool can pay higher fees to transfer Bitcoin to another address. Even if the miner has processed the original transaction, the transaction will not be confirmed because the Bitcoin protocol checks the validity of the input. 2. The hacker is using the Wasabi wallet to transfer Bitcoin mixed transactions. Blockchain analysis company Elliptic stated that the bitcoin acquired by hackers seems to be transferring. Based on transaction data related to the encrypted wallet used in the security breach, the attackers collected a total of approximately US$123,000. Among them, 22% (2.89 BTC) of bitcoins have been transferred to an address, which may belong to Wasabi, a bitcoin wallet focused on privacy. 3. It was a group of young people who participated in the Twitter attack, not a certain country or hacker organization. According to the New York Times, two hackers had previously ridiculed the hacker plan on the online messaging platform Discord. In the screenshot of the conversation at the time, the user named Kirk claimed that he was working on Twitter and proved that he could control well-known Twitter addresses. . According to the analysis of the research company Chainalysis, Kirk played a central role in the attack. He sent and received tokens through the same Bitcoin address on the same day.