On-chain liquidity underwriter KeeperDAO mainnet is online, and it is expected to launch arbitrage and liquidity mining plans in the future

KeeperDAO v1, a DeFi-based on-chain liquidity underwriter, officially launched the mainnet. KeeperDAO is an on-chain liquidity underwriter jointly launched by the distributed system development company Talo and the digital asset management platform Amber Group. It encourages token holders to participate in the liquidity pool through economic incentive strategies to coordinate margin transactions, loans and transactions Clearing and rebalancing in application areas such as firms. KeeperDAO allows users to concentrate their funds in Ethereum smart contracts and obtain common benefits through on-chain arbitrage and liquidation opportunities, which not only allows all participants to obtain passive income through a game, but also ensures the liquidity of decentralized financial applications And orderliness. In order to maximize the utilization of idle funds, all assets in the fund pool will continue to provide loans to Compound, dYdX, etc. KeeperDAO has not yet issued a token, but the team told Lianwen that it will launch an arbitrage and liquidity mining plan in the future to provide incentives to liquidity providers. According to Block123.com information, Amber Group is a digital asset management platform that combines in-depth quantitative research and leading financial technology to build a variety of quantitative trading systems, transaction service processes and trading tools. Talo is a distributed system research and development company whose founder Taiyang is also the CEO of Republic Protocol (REN).