The founder of iearn, Andre Cronje, launched the governance token YFI, which is distributed entirely through liquidity mining

The founder of iearn, Andre Cronje, announced the launch of the governance token YFI for a series of products. He said that this is a completely worthless, but can be used to change all the mechanisms, costs and rules of his development projects. Cronje stated that the token is not pre-mined and will not be sold. The only way to obtain YFI is to use the platform they developed and provide liquidity to obtain a certain amount every day. According to Etherscan, the current circulation of YFI is 20,000. In addition, he also reorganized all the projects currently developed by them: the aggregate revenue agreement (renamed currently has a management scale of 8 million US dollars, with a comprehensive annualized income of 10.58%, and supports dYdX, Aave and Compound ; (renamed has not been released yet, supports 1000 times (initial fee required) and 250 times (no initial fee) leveraged trading stablecoins (DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD, sUSD); iliquidate. finance is an automated clearing engine for Aave; supports the use of USDC for 5 times leveraged trading DAI, and currently has a short position of 9 million US dollars, with an average return of 16%; is the first y.curve The .fi and sUSD meta-fund pools are currently decommissioned; has a USD 75,000 management scale since its release yesterday, which can be used to aggregate annualized and liquid mining revenues as an automated market-making tool; and a Projects that have not yet been made public are used to conduct credit entrustment agreements for smart contracts.