The Chainlink short report may be led by Nexo. The two parties announced their cooperation at the beginning of the month

Twitter netizens found evidence that the centralized lending company Nexo may be behind Zeus Capital, which released the Chainlink “short report” a few days ago. According to the source code of the websites of Zeus Capital and Nexo, both use the same form system with the same prefix as “”. In addition, users found that the name Simeon appears in the hyperlink in the report. Probably represents Simeon Rusannov, Nexo’s research leader. In addition, Nexo loaned 350,000 LINK on the Aave platform a few days ago, and it may also use the funds for short operations on behalf of the institution. More interestingly, at the beginning of this month, the centralized lending platform Nexo plans to integrate Chainlink into Nexo’s lending and trading business. Chain Wen’s Note: A few days ago, a report released by asset management and research company Zeus Capital defined the decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK) as a “fraudulent project.” The report pointed out that the Chainlink project had insider trading and other behaviors. Facing a crash, Chainlink avoided making promises on the mainnet launch date.