The decentralized stable currency DUSD will be generated by Curve Finance LP token collateral, and liquidity mining will be launched

The decentralized stablecoin DefiDollar (DUSD) announced that it will be generated by Curve Finance Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens, using Chainlink oracles, and using Curve to handle the logic of integration with loan agreements and token exchanges. In addition, a staking mechanism has been introduced to improve the security of maintaining anchorage. DUSD was launched by Arpit Agarwal, an engineer of Ethereum’s expansion plan Matic, and was born in the ETHGlobal hackathon. As a stable currency index, it uses DeFi primitives to maintain the US dollar anchor and subsidize the mortgage rate. DUSD can realize stable currency hedging and is a more stable stable currency that requires only minimal governance. The team plans to launch liquid mining and is currently designing a token distribution mechanism.