Tokenview: The activity on the Bitcoin chain has dropped slightly in the past week, and the transfer fee has increased

Tokenview data shows that in the past week (07.13-07.19), the hashrate of Bitcoin’s entire network has fluctuated between 105 EH/s and 135 EH/s, and the on-chain handling fee has increased. In terms of basic indicators on the chain: the daily average value of newly added addresses in the seven days was 476,500, a decrease of 0.56% from the previous month; the average number of active addresses was 92.18‬‬‬ million, a decrease of 2.5% from the previous month. The average value of transactions on the 7-day chain was 872,500 BTC, a decrease of 5.63% from the previous month; the average daily transaction number was 316,200, a decrease of 4.98% from the previous month. Among them, the average transaction fee of a single block reached 0.655 BTC on July 17, which was the highest level since nearly 45 days.