Balancer has removed AMPL tokens from the mining whitelist, and it may be restored after the audit

Balancer released a proposal to remove AMPL tokens from the mining whitelist. The proposal took effect at 00:00 UTC on July 20th. The proposal believes that out of cautious consideration, it is recommended to temporarily remove AMPL tokens from the whitelist. Although there are no direct concerns, the supply balance mechanism of the token creates complications in the internal balance tracking of Balancer and gulp () arbitrage opportunities. Considering the deflationary token attack, the Balancer team will cooperate with the Ampleforth team to conduct a review to explore whether AMPL tokens and the Balancer token pool may have unforeseen consequences due to the daily supply basis. After the review is completed, as long as no loopholes are found, Balancer will resume adding AMPL to the token whitelist.