Russian media: at least 10 Telegram investors tend to get back 72% of investment funds

According to Russian media reports, at least 10 investors of the Telegram blockchain project TON plan to withdraw from investing in the project and get back their previous investment funds. Yakov Barinsky, head of the Russian investment agency Hash CIB, said, “I now see at least 10 of all investors, and I tend to choose to get back 72% of the previous investment.” Previously reported by Lianwen, targeting Telegram in 2018 By issuing a digital currency to raise $ 1.7 billion, a federal judge in New York issued a preliminary injunction ruling that the issue of “GRAM” tokens violated US securities laws. The court specifically ruled that “Given the economic realities in the Howey test, the court held that reselling Grams to the secondary market in the context of the fundraising plan was also part of a violation of US securities law.” In fact, the injunction This does not mean that the project cannot be started. According to Fedor Skuratov, former communications manager of the TON Community Foundation TON Labs, the TON Community Foundation TON Labs may use a forked TON blockchain as an alternative startup method to solve compliance challenges. In the United States, the government can regulate and prevent specific individuals or groups from running code, but it has no authority to prevent the operation of open source technologies. A group of more than 20 software developers and investors is currently discussing whether there is a possible way to launch the project without Telegram’s participation.