LexDAO launches digital transaction smart contract component LexLocker

The decentralized autonomous organization LexDAO announced the launch of LexLocker, which is a smart contract that is readable for security auditors and only has about 300 lines of code. It can be implemented: escrow ETH and any ERC20 token can be used for one-time implementation Or milestone payment; built-in rapid dispute resolution mechanism, which can be completed online and on-chain. LexDAO cited a case where Bob can lock 500 DAI in LexLocker and propose the need to develop a DApp. After Carol meets this demand, Bob can release the funds to Carol. Moreover, the evidence of this type of digital transaction is relatively straightforward and difficult to dispute. If no one completes the task within the specified time, Bob can retrieve the escrow funds. LexDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that provides professionals with smart contract transaction process solutions based on Aragon and legal engineering.