Over 1/3 of the circulating token ONT on the Ontology network has participated in the PoS pledge, with a total value of 150 million US dollars

After Ontology’s new governance and pledge model took effect in early July, the entry barrier for user pledges was lowered to 1 ONT, and measures such as 10,000 ONT pledges that can apply to become candidate nodes have attracted a large number of users to participate in governance. At present, the total amount of Ontology’s entire network pledge has reached 200,868,015 ONT, which is equivalent to a digital asset equivalent to 150 million US dollars. According to statistics, more than 1/3 of the ONT circulation is involved in the PoS pledge. The official team of Ontology stated that ONT will also launch multiple staking platforms in the United States, Russia and Europe in the near future.