BitMax will list the decentralized custodial project Swingby token SWINGBY and start the auction

The crypto exchange BitMax announced that it will launch the decentralized custody project Swingby token SWINGBY at 22:00, July 24th, Beijing time, and open SWINGBY/USDT trading. Deposit and withdrawal are now open. BitMax stated that it will start SWINGBY auction from 21:00-22:00 on July 23, Beijing time. The auction quantity this time is 400, each with 20,000 SWINGBY. The activity adopts the auction format of USDT + BTMX bidding. The 400 users with the highest USDT bid won the auction item, and the 400th user’s USDT bid was used as the final settlement price of the auction item. When the USDT bid is the same, the user with the higher BTMX bid wins the auction item. If multiple users’ USDT and BTMX bids are the same, the user who bid earlier in the last bid will win the auction.