Conflux, the underlying blockchain network, launches an ecosystem funding program

Conflux, the underlying blockchain network, announced the launch of an ecosystem funding program, each project can receive up to $50,000 worth of funds. The specific funding will be paid in the native token CFX after the mainnet launch. The Conflux program awards a total of more than 2.4 billion CFX tokens, and online applications are currently available. Funding objects include projects such as tools and infrastructure that can make the Conflux network easy to access and combine, and DApps that can promote user adoption and liquidity on the Conflux Network. Chain News previously reported that Conflux announced the official launch of the second phase of the network Oceanus. In this phase, the Conflux network center will provide more computing power, better security and a higher degree of decentralization as the goal, and gradually introduce the miner community. Conflux PoW mining algorithm is launched. At the same time, mining algorithms, DEX and other types of DeFi products will be fully piloted.