mStable will distribute 325,000 MTA to three Balancer fund pools in the next two weeks

The stablecoin aggregation protocol mStable (MTA) announced that it will distribute 325,000 MTAs (values) to users who provide liquidity in the three liquidity pools (mUSD/USDC, mUSD/WETH and mUSD/MTA) on Balancer within the next 11 days. About 1.1 million US dollars). After August, mStable will reset and automatically execute rewards according to the rules of the project’s open reward pool. This means that random snapshots will no longer be required after this, and rewards will be automatically distributed to users. In addition, mStable will launch the product EARN in the next few weeks to view all relevant reward pools and their reward amounts. Chain Wen previously reported that the stablecoin aggregation protocol mStable conducted an auction of protocol token MTA on Mesa DEX on July 18.