NFT prediction market Reality Cards test version released

NFT prediction market Reality Cards test version released. Unlike the mainstream prediction market, Reality Card prediction market participants do not bet on the outcome, but own the outcome of the event. The specific outcome of each event is unique, represented by NFT, and can only be owned by one person at a time. But it can be sold at any time (always for sale). Anyone can predict the event by purchasing the NFT, and at any time as long as they are willing to pay a 10% premium, they can become a new owner. All the predicted transfer fees for the event will be gathered together. After the result is generated, the fund pool Will be assigned to all owners of the correct result, which means that even if you no longer own the NFT representing the outcome of the event when the final result is produced, you can still get a part of the reward. The longer you hold the NFT, the reward will be more.