Lightnet CEO: Lightnet will adopt blockchain technology and cooperate with chain convenience stores to improve cross-border remittance business

Tridbodi Arunanondchai, CEO of Lightnet Group, addressed topics related to how cryptocurrencies play a role in the cross-border remittance market at the 2020 Asian Blockchain Summit, and said that Lightnet has improved through cooperation with major cross-border remittance organizations and chain convenience stores. The lives of people in this area who cannot enjoy banking services have made it easier for more people to obtain funds by increasing the locations of cash withdrawals. He also said that blockchain technology plays an important role in providing migrant workers with the liquidity they urgently need, and Thailand has a strategic position to promote the growth of this business. Lianwen previously reported that the digital credit agreement Velo Protocol has cooperated with Singaporean financial technology company Lightnet to help build an international remittance system and provide inclusive financial services for East Asia and Southeast Asia.