Blockchain service network BSN integrates six public chains including Ethereum, Nervos, NEO, and IRISnet

According to Coindesk, the blockchain service network BSN announced the integration of six public chains including Ethereum, Nervos, Tezos, NEO, EOS, and IRISnet. Starting from August 10, developers of these six blockchain platforms will be able to pass The data storage and bandwidth of BSN overseas data centers build DApps and run nodes. BSN said that global users will be able to access domestic enterprise chains and financial data through the BSN cross-chain structure and the partnership with China UnionPay. This is BSN’s first batch of integrated decentralized public chains. BSN will provide operational support on the network of its three data centers in Paris, San Francisco and Hong Kong. It is expected to be based on user groups, technical background and products before the end of 2020. , To increase the number of integrated public chains to more than 10.