Blockchain service network BSN launched the first batch of designated blockchain applications, including 12 blockchain applications

Blockchain service network BSN released the first batch of designated applications list, including 12 blockchain applications. In addition, the second batch of designated applications will be released soon. As the first batch of designated applications selected for BSN, this batch of applications has been connected to the BSN service network, respectively using the Fabric or FISCO BCOS underlying framework, and subsequent access applications can choose more frameworks for deployment as the BSN adapts to the underlying framework. . Chain News previously quoted Coindesk’s report that BSN integrates six public chains including Ethereum, Nervos, NEO, and IRISnet. According to the chain, BSN hopes to use its in-depth understanding of the blockchain industry to launch customized applications, select high-quality blockchain applications that serve various fields in the market, and use the commercial channel resources covered by the existing ecology to promote these applications In the hands of end users who really need it. After joining the designated application, the application side will get diversified promotion assistance.