Crypto game Axie Infinity and Digix will introduce real gold-backed tokens into the game

The Ethereum-based crypto game Axie Infinity and Digix introduced the golden token Axie-DGX in the game, allowing players to collect and exchange for the token DGX in the game. DGX is a Digix native token backed by real gold. One DGX is equivalent to one gram of gold. Up to now, the price of DGX is 59 US dollars. From today to August 2nd, Axie Infinity will randomly airdrop Axie-DGX tokens worth 1,500 USD to players through the Golden Season event, and 100,000 Axie-DGX can be exchanged for one DGX token. In addition, the two companies cooperated with Bullionix to launch an NFT commemorative golden axe token, the face value of the token is equal to 0.35 DGX, of which 0.25 is used for mortgage, and the other 0.1 can be used for minting to commemorate the golden axe token There is no upper limit, but only available before August 2nd. Recently, the Axie Infinity in-game token SLP has briefly risen by 5,000% and has now fallen. According to EthereumPrice, this rise is mainly due to a 4chan post.