Crowdfunding platform Republic dividend token Note total financing cap increased to 16 million US dollars

Crowdfunding platform Republic’s dividend token Republic Note raised more than US$10 million within five days of its launch, exceeding the target financing amount of US$8 million. Republic stated that because investors’ demand for Republic Note is very high, with a total of more than 6,000 investors (including qualified investors and small and medium-sized investors) participating, it has decided to increase the financing ceiling for qualified investors and the upper limit of the pre-lockable amount Increased to a total of 16 million US dollars. Lianwen previously reported that the Republic Note started its public sale on July 17 with an initial price of US$0.12. It was previously planned to raise US$8 million, of which US$4 million can be subscribed by qualified investors, while small and medium investors can pre-lock the remaining A quota of US$ 4 million.