Filecoin has stored 25PB of data and has entered a two-week calibration period

Filecoin stated at the Miners Conference that at this stage, Filecoin has reached 25PB of storage. The official event Space Race will be launched on August 3 and lasts for three weeks; the reward increases with the storage volume, up to 4 million FIL; there is another ranking for block revenue, and the top 20 can share an additional reward of 100,000 FIL. Filecoin calibration period Calibration has started. The focus of the calibration period is stress testing. Miners only need to destroy, report, and debug their “equipment” through a large amount of storage and certification. At present, the official Gantt chart has been updated, and the mainnet window period is still postponed to August 31st to September 21st, which is consistent with the official postponement time announced last week.