NEM Ventures Announces Investment in Blockchain Copyright Solution SharpShark

NEM Ventures, the venture capital and investment arm of the blockchain project NEM Ecosystem, announced a strategic investment in SharpShark. SharpShark is a blockchain-driven time-stamping solution that protects the copyright of creators, while realizing the transfer of intellectual property and tokens And automatic monitoring. SharpShark provides a decentralized solution that can protect text and image copyrights by stamping time stamps, fully preserving and tokenizing intellectual property rights. SharpShark is designed for creators ranging from writers, scholars and journalists to photographers, artists and designers. The solution publishes the digital signatures of texts and images along with author details to the Symbol blockchain in accordance with the GDPR policy to prove the author’s identity and then store it. SharpShark has a full set of potential use cases, covering media, academia, and user-generated content platforms. Writers and journalists can detect theft, prevent copyright infringement and generate their intellectual property portfolio.