Decentralized network ICON Network announces integration of Band oracle

ICON Network, a decentralized blockchain network, announced a strategic cooperation with the decentralized oracle Band Protocol to provide secure and verified data oracle services for its fast-growing decentralized application ecosystem. Both teams have fine-tuned the needs of DApps (DeFi, prediction markets, sports and competitive betting, and RNG/VRF applications) in the ICON ecosystem. The cooperation between the two parties enables Band Protocol to support ICON’s diversified network, including banks, telecommunications companies, and Korean government agencies. At the same time, it expands the scope of Band Protocol’s customized and scalable data oracle adoption. With the completion of the bridge implementation of the ICON network, Band Protocol has officially joined the ICON developer portal, providing developers with tools to create and utilize custom data oracle scripts, and to safely build decentralized applications in an extensible manner. ICON developers will have full access to the BandChain decentralized oracle network, and can also use various price feed functions or create their own standardized custom oracle scripts.