Smart contract platform Telos launches liquidity pool by integrating EvolutionDex protocol

The smart contract platform Telos has integrated the EvolutionDex protocol, which is a free and open source protocol created by the EOS Argentina team, allowing anyone to create and launch their own trading pairs on a decentralized exchange. Traders will also be able to realize additional benefits by increasing the transaction fees obtained through the liquidity of these token pools. Douglas Horn, Telos chief architect and white paper author, said that the continuous liquidity pool maximizes the overall advantages of decentralized exchanges. There is no need to entrust funds to an institution, and the price is calculated through an algorithm based on the available liquidity. As liquidity providers join different Telos capital pools, EvolutionDex will play an important role in Telos price stability and become an important supplement to Telos-based DeFi tools.