SWINGBY will be listed on BitMax exchange, Swingby stated that BitMax is the only designated cooperative trading platform

BitMax will launch the decentralized custody project Swingby token SWINGBY at 22:00 on July 24th, Beijing time, and open SWINGBY/USDT subscription. In order to protect the interests of Swingby followers, the Swingby team issued a statement stating that BitMax is the only official cooperative trading platform for Swingby. The Swingby team has not cooperated with any other trading platforms. There are currently no circulating SWINGBY tokens, and any other trading platforms have released any Events and news are not officially certified by Swingby. At present, Swingby does not issue tokens and auction whitelists (can be queried through on-chain data). Please carefully identify all current whitelists, quotas and other unofficial information. If you find anything, please check with Swingby official and BitMax.