Polkadot ecological project Stafi completes $600,000 seed round financing

Stafi, a decentralization agreement for the Polkadot ecosystem project, has now completed a seed round of $600,000. Investors include Focus Labs, Spark Digital Capital and BitMax incubator B-Tech. Stafi will work to establish a mobile collateral service. The project hopes to implement liquid staking on Polkadot and other possible blockchains. Stafi works similarly to various automated revenue tracking protocols on Ethereum, but it is limited to staking services. Chain News previously reported that Stafi announced in December last year that it had received funding from the Web3 Foundation. Chain Wen noted that Stafi uses Substrate to build, and aims to rely on the Web3 ecosystem and Polkadot’s relay system to provide better liquidity for mortgage assets of different types, services, and purposes.