100 million of the 120 million USDT issued by Tether in the early morning has flowed into related exchanges

The Beijing Chainsmap monitoring system found that Tether issued an additional 120 million USDT in the early morning of July 23. This is 76 days after the additional issuance of 120 million ERC20 USDT on May 7 this year. Tether’s first additional issuance of ERC20 USDT (excluding June 29 3 100 million TRON USDT to ERC20 USDT), 100 million USDT of this additional issuance has flowed directly into the Bitfinex exchange, and there are still 1.17 billion USDT remaining in Tether’s ERC20 USDT pre-issuance pool. It may not be in the future. Regular variable distribution.