The Ant Blockchain is officially upgraded to AntChain

The chairman of Ant Group Jing Xiandong announced in Hangzhou that the Ant Blockchain has been officially upgraded to “Ant Chain”. At the press conference, Jing Xiandong shared the three key achievements that AntChain has achieved: technically, AntChain has maintained the number of global patent applications every year for four consecutive years at No. 1; in application, AntChain has helped solve the problem. Trust issues in more than 50 actual scenarios; in business, AntChain currently “chains” more than 100 million times a day. Jiang Guofei said that the brand-new set sail of AntChain will accelerate the development of blockchain from cutting-edge technology to a technology industry. Through AntChain’s understanding of business, technology precipitation and ecological construction, it will promote the civilianization of blockchain technology and contribute to consumption. To create real value for small and micro enterprises and the entire Internet industry. The vision of AntChain is to build the world’s largest value network.