US telecom operator T-Mobile was sued for SIM hijacking, involving $8.7 million in cryptocurrency

Reggie Middleton, CEO of blockchain company Veritaseum, has sued US telecom operator T-Mobile, claiming that the company “due to serious negligence and failing to protect its customers”, causing hackers to carry out a series of SIM hijacking attacks that cost US$8.7 million Stolen cryptocurrency. Court documents show that Middleton became the target of a SIM hijacking attack for the first time in July 2017. Although Middleton immediately reported the incident to T-Mobile, it suffered four more attacks in the remainder of 2017, and in 2018 And 2019 also suffered further attacks. According to the chain, Veritaseum launched the ICO of VERI tokens in April 2017, but then about 36,000 tokens (approximately US$8.6 million) were stolen. ) Reach a settlement.