Binance Smartchain testnet announces integration of Chainlink oracles

The Binance Smart Chain testnet announced the integration of the oracle data of the decentralized network Chainlink. By integrating the oracle data, real data that occurred outside the Binance ecosystem can be brought into Binance in a safe manner With the smart chain, developers can obtain real data to build better smart contract applications, and can also help developers propose new use cases in derivatives, encrypted payments, automated asset management, etc. As noted by the chain, Binance released the Binance Smart Chain white paper and testnet Rialto in May this year. Binance Smart Chain is based on the PoSA consensus algorithm, which achieves programmable scalability, is compatible with the existing Ethereum ecosystem, and is committed to building an ecosystem for decentralized applications (DApps). Binance Smart Chain also natively supports cross-chain interoperability, and users can complete cross-chain transfers and information exchange.