Ethereum’s next multi-client testnet, Medalla, will be launched on August 4th and requires no less than 16,384 verification nodes to participate

The official Ethereum blog post stated that due to the stable operation of the Ethereum multi-client test network Altona (which was officially launched at the end of June this year), the team decided to launch the next multi-client test network Medalla at 21:00 on August 4th. The blog emphasizes that this is a big step from Altona, because Medalla is a testnet built for and maintained by the community. Medalla’s previous multi-client testnet was mainly run by the client team and EF members, but with the launch of the Medalla testnet, the stability and health of the Ethereum chain will be almost completely in the hands of the community. The launch of Medalla will require no less than 16,384 validators and deposit 524288 ETH (each validator deposit 32ETH). If the number of deposits does not reach the minimum limit (16384ETH) at 21:00 on August 2 (that is, 48 ​​hours before the start time), the testnet will be postponed and at least four clients will participate in the start, including lighthouse, nimbus, and prysm And teku.