The merger of ETH1.0 and ETH2.0 has begun

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted a tweet posted by Ethereum 2.0 developer Danny Ryan and said that the merger of “from ETH1.0 to ETH2.0” has begun. According to the series of tweets published by Danny Ryan and the latest updates on the official Ethereum blog, the merger of ETH1.0 and ETH2.0 has made important progress. Since the future vision of Ethereum is to integrate the current chain (ETH1.0) as a shard into the consensus of the new ETH2.0, this requires systematic integration of the ETH1.0 and ETH2.0 clients, and the two The parts are connected together for end-to-end ETH1.0+ETH2.0 simulation. Developers Mikhail and Guillaume have done a lot of work for this, and are now basically ready, and the combined specification and prototype of ETH1.0+ETH2.0 have been born.