Compound initiated a new proposal 018 on modifying the cDAI interest rate model, which is basically the same as the previous proposal

The crypto lending company Dharma initiated the latest proposal 018 on the modification of the cDAI interest rate model in the Compound community, proposing to allow governance recommendations to modify the relevant parameters of the cDAI interest rate model. The specific contents include: 1. Increase the current 15% APY (annual return) To 25%; 2. Reduce the marginal interest rate (kink) from 90% to 80%; 3. Change the gapPerBlock parameter to increase the ideal interest rate from 2% to 4%; 4. The basic rate of each block (0% )constant. Dharma also stated that this cDAI interest rate model can be used as the basis for other interest rate models (including cUSDC and cUSDT). They believe that cUSDC and cUSDT should also have models of similar nature. Chain Wen’s note: cDAI refers to DAI pledged on the Compound platform. In early July, Dharma initiated a proposal 012 to update the cDAI interest rate model. After that, the proposal was not approved by the community. The content of this proposal is basically the same as the previous proposal. The current voting situation is: about 420,000 in favor and 0 against.