MakerDAO’s proposal to anchor the stablecoin module PSM failed

The Maker Foundation risk team initiated a governance vote on July 20. The main content is whether to implement the Peg Stabilization Module (PSM) on DAI, mainly to solve the liquidation of stablecoins as collateral Risks and other related issues, the voting has now ended. The vote for the vote is 19755.05 MKR (49.96%), and the negative vote is 19784.11 MKR (50.04%). The final result is not passed. According to the previous setting, if the voting result is mostly “yes” votes, further voting will be conducted on July 27, 2020 to determine the specific parameters of PSM implementation; if the majority of votes are “no” votes, then the implementation of PSM It may need to: a) Follow the MIPs process and monthly governance cycle; b) As an emergency measure recommended by the risk team.