Bitcoin expansion solution Utreexo launches its first demo version

Bitcoin expansion program Utreexo announced the launch of the first demonstration version (first demonstration), and said that this is the first version, and more versions will be released soon, the code is currently open source on Github. This version has a wallet function (allowing users to import wallet balances for display only to a specified address), but there is no real wallet yet, and it is impossible to send or receive money through transactions. Utreexo said that the software can still be run on the Bitcoin testnet, but the team said there may be many errors and inefficiencies in the code, and it is not recommended to use real money for testing. Chain Wen’s Note: Utreexo is a new type of Bitcoin expansion solution that can make Bitcoin nodes smaller and faster, while ensuring the same security and privacy as full nodes. The existing light-weight Bitcoin software SPV only allows partial verification and may be attacked, while full nodes will not. Utreexo can be fully verified and has the same advantages as SPV nodes such as low footprint.