Decentralized financial infrastructure Sperax releases economic white paper, launches governance token SPA

Decentralized financial infrastructure Sperax released the latest version of the economic white paper, which introduces the Sperax financial network and the decentralized economy on the chain. Sperax’s goal is to provide a reliable infrastructure for the decentralized economy. It has developed the BDLS protocol at the infrastructure layer. This is an innovative consensus module that is safer and more effective than other Byzantine fault-tolerant protocols. It also introduces the Sperax financial system. Create more possibilities for application developers and further promote financial inclusion. Sperax also uses native SPA tokens for governance. There are two Sperax native tokens. The first is a regular SPA token, which will be distributed through private placement, public sales, marketing processes, ecosystems, teams, and consultants. This type of SPA tokens can be freely traded on the Sperax blockchain through smart contracts, and can also be used by third parties to build customized DeFi financial services on the chain. The total number of tokens is 5 billion. The second is the partner tokens of the Sperax Association. These tokens will be distributed to members of the association but cannot be traded on the chain. The total number is 1 billion.