Cardano Foundation and Swiss blockchain exchange and financial services provider Lykke Corp have reached a cooperation

The Cardano Foundation announced a partnership with Swiss blockchain exchange and financial service provider Lykke Corp. It aims to combine the blockchain technology experience of the Cardano Foundation with the financial expertise of Lykke Corp to enhance Lykke’s financial service products and strengthen its market position. The announcement stated that Lykke Corp is waiting for the approval of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to expand its business scope and financial products. Once authorized, the Cardano Foundation will provide Lykke with unique market access to promote its products on the Cardano blockchain. Similar to Cardano, Lykke Corp is taking key steps to expand its influence in the blockchain industry, launching Lykke blockchain business services, LyCI digital asset index and a think tank that also raises funds for blockchain-based solutions funds.