Karma DAO, a private network social organization that tokenizes membership, officially launched

DNA limited partner and Web3 Journal founder Andrew Lee announced the official launch of a professional network social organization called Karma DAO. Karma DAO will exist in the form of a private chat group on Telegram, using the token KARMA to give its membership. You can join the Karma DAO private telegram group by holding 200 KARMA in the Fang wallet. The Collab.Land telegram robot built by the Abridged.io team will be used to verify the user’s token ownership. If the balance in the wallet falls below the required amount, The user will be kicked out immediately, until the account balance meets the conditions before they can reapply to join. As the number of members increases, the price of KARMA will increase slightly. If DAO members want to withdraw, they can sell their membership tokens at the current price according to the number of members in the group. If the number of members of the entire DAO has increased since the member joined , Then he will sell KARMA member tokens at a higher price. If the size of the membership expands, Karma DAO plans to launch a character team serving different professional backgrounds and interest categories.