Cryptocurrency data service provider Nomics launches cryptocurrency KYC / AML service provider ranking

Nomics, a cryptocurrency data service provider, announced that it has launched a ranking of cryptocurrency KYC / AML service providers. The ranking is based on a comprehensive evaluation of related links, news sites, Twitter, Reddit and other sources based on similar reputations. It currently ranks the top three The ones are Jumio, Onfido, Signicat. So far, the reputation ranking website has launched reputation rankings for products including crypto wallets, cryptocurrency lending, cryptocurrency tax services, cryptocurrency custody solutions, cryptocurrency OTC platforms, blockchain monitoring companies, encrypted debit cards and credit cards. . Chain Wen’s Note: In early July, the centralized lending platform NEXO and Nomics jointly launched the first reputation ranking system in the encryption field to rank encryption-related services and products. Since then, the platform has continuously updated the ranking list of new products/services launched.