Opera browser: The monthly activity of the encrypted wallet is about 170,000, and it will cooperate with Dapp.com to support the Web 3 application store service

The Norwegian-based web browser company Opera announced the usage of its built-in cryptocurrency wallets on the Internet, and said that nearly 170,000 users use its built-in Ethereum, Tron, and Bitcoin wallets each month, but the total number of monthly active users of Opera browser Is 360 million. Charles Hamel, head of Opera’s browser encrypted wallet, said that the Ethereum wallet is the most popular wallet type for users. Opera also said that it will cooperate with Dapp.com to provide support for its Web 3 application store to attract more crypto wallet users. Chain Wen previously reported that Opera browser announced in March this year that it would cooperate with payment company Wyre to launch a new feature that allows US users to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum directly from the built-in encrypted wallet, which also means that Opera will support Apple Pay and debit card purchase these two cryptocurrencies.